Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thank you!

Dear guys & dolls,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported Glamour a-go-go! thus far. I've really appreciated hearing all of your encouraging words and feedback. (Please do continue to send me your comments!) We're off to a terrific start, and I have exciting plans for the future. So be sure to stay tuned!

I would like to send out a special thank you to my lovely friend Donna at Lethal Dose. She is a girl after my own heart who has supported this project from the very beginning. I hope that one day we can explore Hollywood together!

Hope that you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend! I've been preoccupied with enjoying my amazing new 32" flat screen HD television. And as some of you might've guessed, Valley Of The Dolls was the first film that I watched on it!



  1. Congrats! I lurk too often, but I'm happy to have a chance to tell you how much I love your blog. (And Donna Lethal's, too!)

    And I, for one, am VERY pleased at your movie choice.

    Keep up the glamorous work!!!

  2. Greetings from A Touch Of Tuesday Weld. I love this blog. I am going to blogroll you over on my site.

    Laura Linger
    A Touch Of Tuesday Weld

  3. Thanks! I love your blog as well. Will do the same!

  4. I really enjoy your blog. It's ultra cool. Take care. I wish you the best. Cheers!

  5. Thanks so much! Same to you! :)

  6. I know I'm late on this but you know what I'm going to say... This is lovely, not even, beautiful blog! One of my favorites out of all the ones out there. I am also Sixties obsessed as you can tell so I enjoy this very much.

    Thanks to YOU :]