Monday, August 31, 2009

Mamie Van Doren For Aqua Velva

Recommended Reading: Quant By Quant (1966)

I just finished reading the memoirs of legendary 1960s fashion designer, Mary Quant. In 1955, Quant and her husband (Alexander Plunket) founded the groundbreaking Bazaar boutique on the King's Road in London's Chelsea district. Successive years saw the expansion of the Mary Quant brand name into an international fashion empire producing in Quant's own words, "wild clothes at tame prices" on a mass-market scale. She worked with the top fashion models of her day such as Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, and Pattie Boyd just to name a few. Mary Quant is perhaps best known for popularizing the mini skirt. (And let's face it, the world would be an even more dreary and depressing place were it not for this particular fashion innovation.) She is also credited as being one of the key figures responsible for the influential "London Look" which quickly became a worldwide phenomenon that would forever change the face of fashion.

Published in 1966 at the height of Swinging London, Quant By Quant is a fascinating insider's account of the 1960s fashion revolution. Along the way, Quant also offers insight into her own personal style philosophy.

Quant By Quant is worthwhile reading for anyone interested in fashion or 1960s culture.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Recommended Viewing: Berserk! (1967)

Berserk! (1967) is a British horror film starring screen legend Joan Crawford as the ringleader of a traveling circus that is terrorized by a mysterious serial killer. Blonde bombshell Diana Dors (the U.K.'s answer to Monroe and Mansfield) costars as a saucy sideshow performer. Although lesser known than Crawford's other 1960s camp horror classics such as What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962) and Strait-Jacket (1964), Berserk! is every bit as enjoyable.

Sharon Tate - Vintage Magazine Covers Part 3 (1966)

The Sunday Oregonian - 1966

Parade - September 1966

Fotogramas (Spain) - 1966

Photoplay (UK) - April 1966

Nueva Radiomania TV - 1966

From my personal collection.

Pink Goddess

Jayne Mansfield at The Pink Palace, 1967.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pink For Pink With Pattie Boyd

Because everything is better in pink!

Just Say No To A Barbarella Remake!

First of all, let it be known that I am not a fan of remakes. In my experience, they consistently fail to do justice to the original, far superior films. (The only exception to the rule that comes to mind is 1954's A Star Is Born starring Judy Garland.)

Barbarella is one of the most iconic films of the Swinging Sixties. Rumors of a possible remake of the 1968 sci-fi cult camp classic have been circulating for a while now, and the project was recently officially confirmed for a 2010 release. Reports suggest that Drew Barrymore will play the title role, but she has not signed on as of yet. Robert Rodriguez was originally slated to direct. However, he has since walked away from the project citing disagreement over production with Universal. The latest news is that Robert Luketic of Legally Blonde fame will take over as director. (Jane Fonda's then husband, Roger Vadim, directed the original film.) The script is currently in development.

Personally, I am vehemently opposed to the idea of a Barbarella remake. No one could ever outdo Jane Fonda as Barbarella and Anita Pallenberg was brilliantly cast as The Great Tyrant. Why mess with perfection?!

Also, on the butcher's block are Rosemary's Baby, Suspiria, and The Birds. (As was made painfully obvious by the god awful Psycho remake, Hitchcock should not be tampered with.)

Come on Hollywood, try thinking up some original ideas for a change and leave the classics alone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Marianne Faithfull - Hier Ou Demain (1967)

From the film Anna (1967) starring Anna Karina, Serge Gainsbourg, and Jean-Claude Brialy.

Icon: Jane Asher

British actress and Beatle's girlfriend Jane Asher was the reigning redhead of the Swinging London scene in the 1960s. I love her unique sense of personal style.

Icon: Marisa Mell (1939-1992)

I've recently discovered Eurobabe extraordinare Marisa Mell. Last night I watched Perversion Story (a.k.a. One On Top Of The Other) (1969), which is an Italian erotic murder mystery set in San Francisco, complete with fabulous mod 60s fashions and swinging strippers! Mell plays a scantily clad seductress named Monica Weston. Perversion Story also stars the lovely Elsa Martinelli and French actor, Jean Sorel. This film is definitely one worth checking out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sylvie Vartan - Vintage Japanese Commercial (1965)

Yé-yé girl Sylvie Vartan singing in Japanese for Renown Clothing, circa 1965!

Icon: Barbara Parkins

Anne Welles has always been my least favorite Valley Of The Dolls character, but Barbara Parkins brought a much needed sense of glamour and sophistication to the role.

An interesting bit of trivia: Barbara was Sharon Tate's maid of honor in her wedding to Roman Polanski. She even caught the bridal bouquet!